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Second Secret of Fatima Revealed

The Second Secret of Fatima 

The Second Secret of Fatima is the first of 2 prophesies of catastrophic world events revealed to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.   The Second Secret promised the end of the First World War, and portended a second worse war, and the spread of Communism from Russia.

The Second Secret of Fatima also contained a Peace Plan, a series of specific instructions given by the Virgin Mary to the Children of Fatima, of how people could earn a period of peace for the world by preventing the war and the spread of the Communist dogma.

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19 Jan 2014

Fatima Facts Explored

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What is Fatima?

Fatima is a town in Portugal located 142 km north of Lisbon. It is one of the most important Catholic shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the world, and has been officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as a site of apparition, miracle and healing. The Fatima Sanctuary welcomes millions of pilgrims and tourists every year.

The Apparitions of Fatima

Fatima‘s fame is due to the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary who appeared to three shepherd children; Lucia dos Santos and her two younger cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, on the 13th day of each month between May and October of 1917.

The Miracle of Fatima

The apparition of October 13th was accompanied by a promised miracle, the ‘Miracle of the Sun’, which was reportedly witnessed by over 70,000 people. Thousands of testimonies corroborate the incident, including scientific reports and photographs of the day. The event was reported in media around the world.

The Fatima Prophesies

During the Apparitions of Fatima, the Children were given a message for the world. Shown to them as Secrets to be later publicly revealed, the message was a series of predictions and prophesies of personal and catastrophic world events, delivered with a directive plan for peace.

The Message of Fatima

The Message of Fatima is very relevant for today, as the new Pope Francis devotes the World to Fatima on Sunday October 13th 2013, the 97th Anniversary of the Miracle. Previous Popes have recognized the importance of the Fatima message and sought to satisfy the plan for peace. Will this attempt to fulfill the Prophecy?

The Fatima Controversy

Fatima is shrouded by controversy, both inside and outside the Church. Devotees vie for authority by exposing supposed lies and corruption within the Church, and alternative communities give other meanings to Fatima from mass hysteria to UFO invasions.

What is the truth? Investigate more of the facts to make up your own mind.

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